About us

Unleashed Doggie Daycare, LLCC evolved from Beverly Pet Sitters, which started in 2000. The goal was to exercise dogs in the same manner that their owners did. Up until 2002 we took the dogs in packs of 15-26 dogs off leash on 2-6 mile hikes in the woods. There were 14 hikes a day and the dogs could not move afterwards. Fellow pet owners saw us in the woods and heard about us from their friends; we grew! In 2002 we opened our North Beverly facility. Today, we are a full service doggie day care facility with both indoor and outdoor areas.

Unleashed Doggie Daycare's Play Pen provides an area where dogs of all ages and breeds, ranging in size and temperament from Jack Russell Terriers to Bernese Mountain dogs, really run and socialize. They wrestle, chase balls, play tug-of-war and cavort around the playpen. Breaks consist of short periods of deep sleep, only long enough to generate more energy, and have even more fun!

The dogs are exercised in half hour increments throughout the day with the staff physically throwing balls and frisbees to make the dogs run. Following a half hour of running, they are given free play, which allows those who need to rest a chance to recuperate and those who want to wrestle and play the ability to continue doing so.

If you are looking for a place that has cute, cuddly beds and couches where the dogs can be petted all day and go home full of energy, then this is not the place for you...they might as well stay at home on the couch. If you are looking for tons of exercise and socialization and a place where your dog can really run, then that is Unleashed Doggie Daycare is about.

Constant supervision and interaction with the dogs maintains a safe and fun environment for the staff to work with the dogs. Commands are reinforced and bad behavior modified. Puppies, elderly dogs and those with special needs are monitored extremely closely to address their individual issues. We have established relationships with many of the surrounding veterinary facilities who recommend us and we use them if any problems arise that may need immediate attention.

Unleashed Doggie Daycare is a family operated business whose staff have their own dogs, have been doing this for a long time and have valuable experience. Every dog is unique and the staff know each dog intimately...this helps to build relationships and ultimately trust.