Farms Veterinary Clinic

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Oliver professionally for 9 years. Oliver has always exhibited the highest level of professionalism in his work. He is a deeply caring individual who puts the needs of those in his care above all else. The pet owners of the North Shore are fortunate to have him available to aid in the care and husbandry of their pets.

I highly recommend him to you as he endeavors to expand the scope of his business. Please give him your deepest consideration.


William B.Pollock, D.V.M.


Beverly Animal Hospital

To Whom It May Concern:

This a recommendation for Oliver of Unleashed Doggie Daycare, formerly Beverly Petsitters.

Oliver is an extremely compassionate and sincere individual who loves animals and takes pride in his work. Oliver has excellent qualifications which include, in-house pet care, exercise/walking, feeding/medication and personal care and attention.

We have many clients from our hospital who are also clients of Oliver's and give him rave reviews. Oliver is a well-mannered, gentle, sincere individual who excels in his work as a pet sitter. He is detail oriented, organized, responsible and loves animals. He has been to our hospital with animals who have needed professional veterinary care. I would definitely put my pets in Oliver's care.

If you would like to speak to me about Oliver, please don't hesitate to call me at 978.927.5453


Julie Bergeron, D.V.M.


Kali, Desi & Lucy

October 17, 2009

What gratitude we have for Oliver and Unleashed for the wonderful, thorough, canine-centered, absolutely perfect care that our animals have received.  We have 3 dogs whom we leave at Unleashed five days a week (sometimes more).  Given our heavy professional schedules, without Unleashed we would not have been able to keep our beloved pets.  But our animals are actually as happy at Oliver’s as they are at home.  They return from a day at Unleashed tired, happy and calm.

What we have come to value most is that Oliver and his team are totally dedicated to the welfare of the animals in their care.  They pay attention and the dogs are carefully supervised, in addition to being well-exercised throughout the day.  This is NOT a warehouse for the dogs during their stay.  Instead, it is a nurturing and learning environment where their activity is part of the Program.  In fact, the entire design of Unleashed is better than any other Doggy Day Care I have ever seen (and I have had dogs in facilities all over the country during the past 30 years, so I know good day care from mediocre care).

Let me tell you a story.  We rescued a very difficult boxer mix three years ago.  She had been abused more by neglect and isolation than physical abuse, but she had many bad habits.  The trainer who assessed her told us to put her down—that it was too complicated a situation for us to handle.  Well, Kali was already at Unleashed, and we relied very much on consultation with Oliver to give her more time, more consistent (and loving) discipline, and more structure with his help.  As a result, we now have a loving dog who has enriched our lives and who is a great pack leader for our two miniature poodles.  That Kali is alive and well is due, in large measure, to Oliver’s good sense, lack of sentimentality, but firm belief that a good animal should not be put down.

We love Oliver and the operation he runs.  I would recommend him under any circumstances. 

Helena J Sturnick, PhD

President, Montserrat College of Art




I would like to take a moment to let you know how invaluable your services at Unleashed Doggie Daycare have been to me. I know that Freddie loves going with you since he runs out the door as soon as he sees or hears you! This lets me know how much he loves his time with you since he only leaves me to be with you. He will not even let my son walk him if I am home but yet he practically forgets who I am as soon as you come! Freddie is an active dog and since I work full time I am unable to provide him with the amount of exercise he needs to maintain his health. He comes home tired after his visits so I know that he is getting a lot of exercise and also having a lot of fun.

The pet sitting service has also been very beneficial and a great relief. Since I am not comfortable with kennels, I have always had to make arrangements with neighbors and family to care for Freddie. Now I know that when I am away that Freddie is being well cared for and having fun at the same time. This also allows me to fully enjoy my vacation without having to worry about Freddie.

Freddie is part of our family and not simply a pet. Therefore I thank you for providing such a terrific and professional service.




To Whom it May Concern:

We write this letter with enthusiastic support for the services and care provided by Unleashed Doggie Daycare.

We adopted a one-year-old American Eskimo, Butte, (like in Montana!) about 4 years ago. He has been what I affectionately call a high maintenance dog but loving and sweet as well. About a year and a half ago, we decided that he needed a bit more exercise than we could provide. We were very apprehensive about the possibility of Butte getting along with other dogs as he has always been extremely protective of us and our house (if he can see or hear you, you're on his turf!). So we began our search for a dog walker.

We asked our neighbor who had two dogs if she knew of anyone. She highly recommended Oliver, the owner of Unleashed Doggie Daycare. Oliver came to meet us and gave Butte a "test walk." That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. We cannot praise Oliver highly enough. I can't imagine how anyone could possibly provide a healthier, more caring environment for our dog. He is kind, gentle yet firm, and extremely dependable. I have never had a moment's worry sending Butte with Oliver, currently twice a week and for periodic pet sitting.

Butte has flourished with Oliver and has actually become much more social with other dogs. With more regular exercise, he has stopped some of his more annoying habits (i.e., chewing) although he still likes a good tissue to eat!

In summary, we recommend Oliver and Unleashed Doggie Daycare with unbridled enthusiasm. We would be lost without him!

Sincerely yours,

Karl and Lee



To Whom it May Concern:

I have known and been a customer of Oliver for over three years. I can't say enough about how happy I have been with his care of my dogs. He is reliable and flexible, and has certainly been a lifesaver for me.

I first became a customer of Unleashed Doggie Daycare when my dog Cooper was approximately 11 years old. He had been diagnosed with untreatable intestinal cancer. At that time, Oliver took Coop twice a week on his wonderful walks to the Essex reservoir. He always left me a note telling me about Coop's day. I have saved everyone of those notes in my Cooper memory box, and I believe that in part because of Oliver's wonderful care and attention that Cooper lived for almost a full year after his diagnosis. Despite his pain, that was probably the best year of his life.

We adopted Deacon as a puppy two years ago -he's quite a different dog from Coop. All energy and pseudo-toughness -if he were a teenager he'd be a punk sporting a leather motorcycle jacket! It is, in fact, all a cover for his timidity. He goes with Oliver three days a week, all day. Comes home, does a lap or two around the house and conks out on the couch for the rest of the night -what a blessing! I don't feel as guilty leaving him at home for the other days while I work, because I know he spends a lot of time recharging his energy on those days. There have been a lot of family changes for Deacon and me over the past year, and Oliver has been extremely sensitive to Deacon's reactions. At one point he was isolating himself from the others and not playing, and Oliver made me aware of it and spent extra time with him to rebuild his confidence. Deke wakes me up early on his "play days," and is usually eagerly awaiting his pickup when Oliver or Khouri arrive to get him. He comes home tired and smiling.

Last fall I had to do some extensive travel on business, and it was a wonderful relief to be able to have Oliver pet sit for Deacon. I didn't have to worry about him being lonely or being stuck in a kennel somewhere. Oliver has also taken him on occasion when I was entertaining or away for a weekend. I know that I can count on Oliver whenever I need help with Deacon.

Deke is also a customer of Unleashed-The Shop -he loves Kate, and somehow she (with a little help from Oliver) manages to get his nails trimmed -a truly Herculean feat (if you'll excuse the pun)!

Oliver and his team are wonderful -they truly love dogs and are knowledgeable about their care and well-being, and Deacon adores them and surely considers them a part of his family. I enthusiastically recommend them, especially for busy families. There is no substitute for the peace of mind they provide me.





To whom it may concern,

I have had Oliver and Eva caring for my dog for perhaps 18 months or so. My dog is a highly energetic and mischievous English Setter. I really like Oliver and Eva. They are dependable, honest, and cheerful. They are very hard working, like 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I trust them, and they have my house key. They pet sit for my dog when we take vacation.

 Oliver helped train my dog to come on command. Now I can have my dog run off the leash, which is a big relief. I absolutely recommend them to care for your dog! If you have any questions, I would be happy to talk with you!




To Whom it May Concern:

In May, 2000, we were the "proud parents" of a 10-month-old Brittany puppy who was driving us insane!  Staino's energy level had proven too exuberant for two dog walkers whose shoulders were almost pulled out of joint by him pulling on the leash. Within our home, he was constantly into trouble. We were at our wits end then we found Oliver and Taffy.

It was by sheer luck that we connected with Beverly Pet sitters and we have thanked our lucky stars ever since. Even though the puppy behavior has calmed down a bit with age, Staino the bird hunting dog still needs lots of exercise. (Walking on a leash is worthless according to Staino he wants his freedom to run and play!) When Oliver or Khouri arrive to pick him up, he wags his little tail so hard his entire rear end wiggles. He can't wait to jump into that van with his friends. After a day with Oliver, he comes home exhausted and happy. And his "parents" are not exhausted from having to fit doggie runs into our crazy schedule every day (especially on those cold or rainy days thank you Oliver).

Being one of Oliver's first customers, we have seen his business grow from a tiny red subcompact that smelled like canine cologne to two professional looking vans, from a single man company to four employees, from runs in the woods to a real facility geared entirely to its four legged clients and from "Beverly Pet sitters" to "Unleashed Doggie Daycare" and Unleashed - The Shop". This phenomenal growth in the space of three years is attributable to Oliver's business philosophy and commitment to service. I can't say enough positive things about his reliability, flexibility, trustworthiness, honesty and responsiveness to any concerns we have had. He knows our dog, his behaviors and his personality as well as we do. We feel totally comfortable leaving Staino in his care while we go on vacation and really appreciate his tolerance of phone calls from his family to check on Staino's well being while we are away. Khouri, Kate, Oliver and Eva are all really nice, friendly people who clearly love dogs and care about their human and canine clients. We consider them part of Staino's extended family.

If we can answer any specific questions or provide any more information about this invaluable service, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Cheryl & Marc



To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in support of Oliver and his business Unleashed Doggie Daycare, formerly Beverly Pet Sitters. On January 3rd, of this year, my wife was put on bed-rest for the last three months of her pregnancy. The prospect of this was daunting enough, but having a 9-month old lab puppy at home created quite a dilemma. After a day of near panic trying to figure out what to do, our veterinarian recommended Oliver. Not only did Oliver come over that night, but he was able to take Sam the very next day. That was nearly nine months ago and we are still sending Sam with Oliver every day during the week because we could not think of depriving Sam of the fun and attention he receives from Oliver.






It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Oliver and his Unleashed Doggie Daycare. In fact, we became acquainted at a very difficult time for me and the service that I got from Unleashed was crucial.

Although I am living in an apartment, for almost two years now I have been taking care of my son's dog while he is working overseas. Since Reno is a 3-year old German Shepherd, he requires, of course a lot of walking, exercising, throwing balls, etc... before and after going to work. Unfortunately, I fell on the ice in January and broke both my arm and wrist very badly. Consequently, I was completely incapacitated for over three months, and without Oliver, I do not know what I would have done. It was just perfect. He would pick Reno up and bring him back 3 or 4 hours later, tired and happy. All I had to do then was to enjoy Reno's company.

Before my accident, I was not complaining about all I had to do to for Reno. However, I have to admit that I am so happy with what they are doing with Reno that I would not have it any other way now that I am finally back to work.

Reno is happy to see Oliver and very excited to leave with him. He gets his necessary exercise and I feel so much better knowing that Reno has a good 3 hours playing with other dogs. I have complete confidence in him and know that he truly likes animals. This is not only a business for him. The fact that I do not have to be there too is a wonderful plus. I am absolutely free to work or do anything else and I completely trust him with my personal belongings.

In other words, with Unleashed Doggie Daycare, I enjoy Reno much more. I used to run home at night, feeling guilty; it was such a long day for him. Now, he is happy to see me, of course he wants to play some more, but he is not desperately waiting to run outside.

Their idea of looking after dogs that way is very innovative, very professional and show both love and respect for animals, as well as understanding of the dog owners' needs. Moreover, they are also well prepared for any emergency.

Thanks "Oliver" !




Dear Oliver,

We would like to thank you for taking great care of Daisy during playtime at Unleashed Doggie Daycare. She enjoys the exercise and comes home exhausted. Daisy becomes extremely excited when the van pulls in our driveway. The pick-up and drop-off service is a plus! This service has freed up our day and allows us to be out for a longer period of time. Unleashed Doggie Daycare has made having an active puppy much easier!


Paul and Elizabeth

 PS The drop off service to your grooming service is fantastic as well!


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Oliver of Unleashed Doggie Daycare for all of your Doggie Daycare needs. I was very lucky to find Oliver a few weeks after I got my puppy, Cubbie. Oliver came to the house and interviewed Cubbie by taking him with his dog, Taffy, for a few hours of fun. After getting the green light from Taffy, Cubbie became one of the family.

For whatever your reason may be, if you need someone to take care of your dog, I cannot say enough great things about Oliver. Oliver takes Cubbie when my husband and I are at work so I rarely see Oliver himself. However, on the rare occasion that I have been home when Oliver comes to pick up Cubbie, it is amazing at how excited Cubbie gets when he hears his voice. He literally runs out the door without ever looking back. I have also left Cubbie in his care on numerous occasions when my family has gone on vacation and I can tell when I get back that he's had a great vacation too. I totally trust Oliver with Cubbie and with him coming and going from our house. He has been more than dependable. Never once has he called to say he couldn't come. He has accommodated me when I have asked to change or add additional days.

Like most people who have dogs and must work there is always some guilt about leaving your dog behind. By utilizing Oliver's services, it is such a relief from that guilt. You know your dog is getting some well needed and well deserved exercise not to mention the social aspect of playing with other dogs.

We feel very fortunate to have discovered Oliver and Taffy and would be lost without them. Cubbie is a great dog and I would like to give Oliver a lot of credit for his good behavior.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Bill & Brenda


Nino & Luna

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been our good fortune that Oliver has taken regular care of our two dogs for over two years now. Our dogs absolutely adore him and we have found him to be very professional and completely reliable.

We travel frequently, so Oliver has provided pet sitting for our dogs more times that I can count. Before Oliver, I always felt the need to call home every day to see how the dogs were. Now when I go on vacation, I have complete confidence in him and his judgment so that I rarely call. When we get back from vacation, I can always tell our dogs had a good time at Oliver's. They are completely relaxed and tired out from playing.

Oliver also takes them on weekly walks. I work at home quite often, but don't always have time to take them out and get them exercised with other dogs. My dogs are always overjoyed when they hear him come up the walk. He has complete control of them, along with the other dogs.

We have been so happy with Oliver's services that I have recommended him to friends and our vet. Everyone who has used his services has thanked us many times over because of how pleased they were with Oliver's services.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Jeannemarie and Manon



Dear Oliver,

It's hard to believe that Claire has been going out to play with you and Khouri and all her 4 1egged friends for over 2 years now!

When I first asked you to come and meet with us in December 2000, I was starting a new job. My previous position was part time and flexible, so I had always been able to come home and play with Claire during the day. My new job would not allow that, at least at first. So when you finished interviewing me, and her, I thought after a few weeks of 5 days/week playtime, that we would probably cut down to 2-3 times each week.

Well, we never did cut down. Claire has a great time romping with the gang, and I suspect that she enjoys the van ride as much as the running space at "Unleashed Doggie Daycare." The last time you went on vacation, we noticed that she was much more mischievous during the daytime...proving the adage that a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.  She is a mixed breed, partly Border Collie – and I am sure that she is smarter than I am, sometimes.  She and I did attend obedience school, with limited results.  I receive many positive comments on how well behaved and friendly she is, and her good manners are a credit to your teaching of her (and me.)

You and Khouri consistently let me know of any changes that you observe, and follow up on whatever I mention to you.  Claire has some chronic eye problems that periodically require medication and special observation, and I have not ever been worried that you might fail to observe something important.

You have also provided pet sitting for Claire in the past, and will do so again this summer.  Your flexibility in adapting to last minute changes in our plans has been greatly appreciated.  I actually booked her time with you before I asked for vacation time at work and started making the rest of my travel plans.  If you couldn’t watch her, I would reschedule my vacation to a time when you could!

Our 2 indoor cats, Lucy and Ethel, are glad that Claire goes out to play every day with her friends. As soon as Claire leaves, the two cats come downstairs and prowl around drinking out of Claire's water bowl, sniffing her toys, and curling up in her crate. When Claire comes back a couple of hours later, the cats have had a satisfactory playtime and are ready to retreat to dog-free parts of the house. This has kept the conflict between the two species to a minimum, and prevented accidental injury (to critters and possessions).

So you see, everyone in our household is pleased that Khouri comes every day to take Claire out to play with all of her friends at "Unleashed Doggie Daycare."

Thanks so much for providing a safe and fun way for Claire to exercise and socialize.


Jeff, Mary, Mike, Claire, Lucy, and Ethel



Dear Oliver,

We have known Oliver for about 2 years now and are occasional users of his services for Rocky our very lively boxer. Rocky thinks Oliver is wonderful and the best treat we could ever give him is to spend a day with Oliver and get to play with his doggie friends. He comes home absolutely exhausted but very happy and contented. If he could talk I am sure he would nag us incessantly to spend more time there.

Unleashed Doggie Daycare has always proved to be very reliable in returning calls, picking up and delivering Rocky. They have been flexible when we call at the last minute wanting pet sitting for Rocky or just visit for the day. We always know that Rocky is in safe hands and will be well looked after. We also have total trust in knowing that Unleashed has access to our home to fetch and deliver Rocky. About 18 months ago we left Rocky in the care of Unleashed Pet Sitting for a month as we went on vacation and during that time Oliver happily agreed to bring in our mail and water the plants during our absence. He also updated us periodically via e-mail with very entertaining stories of our dog's adventures which assured us Rocky was having a wonderful vacation too.

I would happily recommend their services to other dog owners (and have done so recently with a friend who used their services while they went on vacation) who like knowing their dogs are being treated as if they were at home and have the freedom that kennels do not provide.





Dear Oliver,

We are thrilled with your service for the past 8 months for our dog, Mulligan. We work full time, and Mulligan was very hyperactive after a long day's sleep. Since you have been taking him to Unleashed Doggie Daycare, he seems much happier and more calm in the evenings. We like that you pick him up every day but at slightly different times since we are gone for the whole day. The house is less empty during the day. We like that you leave a card after every session so that we know you have taken Mulligan for his exercise.

We consider your service a bargain since I have colleagues who pay more for a 30 minute walk for their dogs. We are also pleased at the smooth connection between your care and the grooming service provided by Kate at Unleashed - The Shop. We are happy to talk with any potential clients about your services.


James & Emma



Dear Oliver,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for taking such great care of "Truman" over the past 2 years.  He is always excited to head off with you on "field trips" and when you pet sit for him.  Connie and I feel very comfortable to have him in your care.  We're pleased that you were recommended to us and appreciate your making a difference in Truman's life.  Keep up the good work!





Dear Oliver,

I want you to know how much I am enjoying coming to your yard at Unleashed Doggie Daycare to play with my friends. It is a lot of fun and gets me really tired so when I get home at night I eat and curl up to go to sleep. My Mom can't get over what a good boy I am those nights. My Mom also says it is good because she doesn't have to race to pick me up and she can always depend on you to pick me up and deliver me in good time. Then she has more flexibility at night and doesn't have to drop everything to race over to get me.

Coming to Unleashed lets me have fun and run off my extra energy. When I don't get enough exercise I buzz around the house and start to steal things and chew them and everybody gets upset with me.

After you saw me do my special Spring Digs, you told my Mom that I could make a lot of money. You said that I could be rented out to the Big Dig to get the job done in half the time. I like the new obstacle course you set up for us pups. I was one of the guys who was able to complete it. I hope to go on to the Doggie Gymnastics Olympics from here.

We had a very cold winter but on really bad days you brought us in the house a couple times. I look forward to the summer because if it gets really hot, you will bring us in to the a.c. and let us take a nap. Thanks very much.

Love and slurps,




To Whom It May Concern:

Out pet, Emma, has been going to Unleashed Doggie Day Care with Oliver since she was approximately 4 months old, she is now 14 months old. Oliver and his staff at Unleashed have proven to be trust-worthy and dependable with a sincere love of animals.

They offer a service that enables owners to leave for work with the knowledge that their pet will spend the day enjoying the camaraderie of other dogs in a safe, well cared for and professional environment.

We strongly recommend Unleashed Doggie Day Care as a great place for your pet to spend the day.


Paul & Carole



Dear Oliver

I wanted to thank you for all your care of Maggie, my dog. She just loves her time with you and all the other dogs, and is very excited each week, when its the right day. She always seems to know what day it is, and gets very excited before you come. I really appreciate that you pick her up and drop her off each time. It makes it possible for me to consider weekly care. Another advantage is that you bring her in and put her in the crate if we are not home yet. You have always been very reliable, and worked with us when we needed to change the schedule. We continue to send Maggie to be there once a week because she loves it so much, playing with the other dogs. I love my dog, and want her to be happy. She loves us, our house and yard, but we have no other dogs for her to play with, so spending a day with you each week gives her something she really yearns for.

Thank you for offering such a good service.  We really appreciate it.

Maggie, Ginny, Dennis, Ian, Alex



Dear Oliver,

I can't tell you what a relief it is to have your service! Finding a pet sitter for Daisy when we went on vacation used to be a job in itself. We had used traditional kennels in the past, but I never liked the idea of oversized crates for a week at a time. Thanks to your services Daisy feels like she is going on vacation now too! She loves being with the gang and going for runs. Thanks so much for providing her with a home away from home.



Kobe & Tula

Dear Oliver,

I would like to let you know how happy we have been with your "doggy daycare" at Unleashed. Upon hearing your van coming from down the street to pick him up, our lab Kobe, goes straight to the door tail wagging in anticipation. He loves to go with you or Khouri so we know he is enjoying himself at Unleashed. When he gets home at night he is so tired all he wants to do is eat his dinner and get in his favorite chair to snooze.

We are so happy to have found someplace where Kobe can interact and play with other dogs as we work full time and don't want to leave him home by himself everyday. We know he is safe and being well taken care of which is a relief as he is like another child to us. We feel fortunate to have found you and hope to continue with you for a long time.





To Whom It May Concern:

Oliver has been caring for and walking my dog on a daily basis for over a year. In a business where professionalism is rarely displayed, he has been conscientious, dependable and reliable.  I have been impressed with his knowledge of and caring for his animal clients and I can see the way they respond to him with great affection.  I highly recommend him to friends and would vouch for his honesty and integrity.

Best Regards,




To Whom It May Concern:

Oliver of Unleashed Doggie Daycare has taken care of my dog Kibo for the better half of the past year. I have gotten to know Oliver and some of the dogs he cares for because Kibo spends three to four full days a week with him. Oliver puts the dog and the customer first. Oliver is very friendly, diligent and honest in his dealings with his customers and provides excellent exercise and care for the dogs. He has an amazing ability to control any number of dogs and manage any issues that may arise.

Oliver is flexible as well and willing to accommodate any glitch in your schedule if possible. My dog is my sidekick and had I not found Oliver and felt comfortable sending Kibo off with him, I would have had to give my dog away. Oliver will do an excellent job if given the opportunity.

If you have any questions please contact me. I am more than happy to speak on behalf of Oliver and Unleashed Doggie Daycare.





Yes, even though he can't tell me so I believe my dog LOVES going to Oliver's. He is quite social and enjoys his off-leash time with other dogs.

We have only used Unleashed Doggie Daycare for pet sitting purposes.  I enjoy the pick-up and drop-off service, and the professional business aspect of the operation. Oliver is a very serious dog sitter assuming huge amounts of responsibility. I believe that he genuinely cares for all the animals he is in charge of which is why I use his service.




To Whom It May Concern:

This letter of support is written on behalf of Oliver of Unleashed Doggie Daycare.  Oliver has cared for our dog Sandy, a Labrador Retriever, both as a dog sitter and a dog walker.  We have used his services for over two years, and have nothing but praise for Oliver, both as a professional and a man of integrity.

Professionally, Oliver has provided us with exceptional service. He knows dogs well, and is able to handle a great variety of breeds and temperaments. I am impressed with his knowledge of each individual dog he cares for, and his understanding of the benefit that both exercise and socialization have for dogs. We had tried several dog walkers prior to discovering Oliver, but didn't use any of them for more than a few weeks because it was clear that Sandy was not benefiting from their services.  Sandy is always happy to go with Oliver and always returns tired and content. Oliver is incredibly dependable, does a great job communicating with us, and often provides service above and beyond our expectations, both in quality and quantity. I trust him completely with my dog and with the access he has to my home.

Oliver's character is also above reproach. He is honest, personable, reliable, and a man with whom both people and dogs feel comfortable. I have been most impressed that as his business has grown significantly during the two years we have known him, he has maintained the same relationship with us as owners and provided the same level of care and attention to our dog. Oliver runs a sound business, keeps his commitments, and occasionally will take Sandy for an extra walk just because be is in the neighborhood. My husband and I often comment to one another that we cannot imagine how we managed without Oliver.

We have recommended him to many other dog owners, who have all been pleased with his services.




Cai & Mika

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Oliver. I would like to extend my most sincere recommendation for Oliver. Following is a brief background as to how I came to rely on him and why I believe him to be an extremely honest, reliable, and professional person.

My fiancée and I moved to this area with our German shepherd, Cai, three years ago. We had been using a sitter in Somerville that keeps the dogs in a house because we liked the open floor plan as opposed to a kennel. This worked really well for Cai as he is a very loving, laid-back 130 lb. dog that gets along well with other dogs. Driving back and forth to Somerville from Rockport was becoming very tiresome, though. Also, Cai has very bad separation anxiety and I would always come home to him with a huge sore on his arm and a very bad attitude. We knew we needed something closer, but were having no luck as a kennel is out of the question. I am a veterinary student and work for Farms Vet Clinic in Beverly Farms and, therefore, have knowledge of and access to many pet sitters, walkers, and kennels. I am very, very choosy about who takes care of my dog and have found that most people cannot handle such a large dog (he hates leashes and being German he has to want to listen to you!).  If they can “handle" him, it is not in the manner I find acceptable.

After being here for approximately one year, I adopted another dog. I went to the shelter and got a female German shepherd who had been in shelters for most of her eight-month life. She was extremely fear-aggressive around other dogs and ran away every chance she could. We worked hard and made tons of progress so I tried sending her to Somerville with Cai, but they sent her home after the second time with a complaint about her behavior. A few months later, they gave her a second chance, but when I brought her back there to drop her off I noticed that she was terrified! She wouldn't go in. I never went back. There is a quality of trust that had been lost and I believe it changed from a passion to a business.

This is when we found Oliver and have been using him ever since. Oliver has been a Godsend! I feel totally and absolutely comfortable leaving my dogs in his care. He has all of the qualities I wanted and needed and more. His reliability, honesty and professionalism make him the perfect person for this business. He uses firm discipline mixed with lots of love.  Words cannot explain how wonderful he is with my dogs. Cai does not come home with either anxiety or an attitude. He loves Oliver and listens to him with adoration. Mika also listens to Oliver and is not terrified to go, but rather runs out the door {and away from me!).  I cannot tell you why Mika is not afraid or why Cai doesn't mind being away from me, but I can tell you that I don't know what I would do without Oliver. If you are a pet owner, you understand the significance of being able to leave your pets and a blank check with someone and have complete trust with no worries (Oliver is the only person with a key to my house). I know that my dogs are loved and cared for as well as disciplined when they are with Oliver. In addition, I would like to point out that Oliver is completely honest with me. If either of my dogs causes any kind of problem or is having difficulty in any way, he lets me know. HE PAYS ATTENTION. I have not found that anywhere else and, in my opinion, worth it's weight in gold.

Again, I would like to point out that working in a Vet's office I do have a long list of sitters and kennels to choose from. I would not choose or recommend anyone but Oliver. There are many clients that have found Oliver on their own or through word of mouth and they all come into the office boasting of this wonderful person that cares for their pets, I can say without question that every time I hear this they are speaking of Oliver. I have not heard any client speak with such high praise about any other pet sitter.

In closing, I would like to say that Oliver is reliable, responsible, honest, caring, trustworthy, and better than anyone else at what he does. I am truly grateful and would like to extend my recommendation that Oliver would be a wonderful person to have in your house.




Pepe & Harley

To Whom It May Concern:

We began sending our oldest dog Pepe to daycare with Oliver the day he opened for business, and he's been taking our new addition Harley since June.

The loving tender care and guidance he's provided has made a major impact on our lives. It was amazing how much happier and more obedient Pepe was when we switched to Oliver, and he's now having the same effect on Harley.

It's been a pleasure doing business with Oliver and we highly recommend him to both family and friends,

Maura & Robert


Percy & Dream

To Whom It May Concern,

Oliver first began looking after my two dogs two or three years ago. He has consistently shown genuine attentiveness, concern, and sensitivity for both my large and small breed dogs. Oliver has excellent management skills and a hands-on understanding of dogs. Needless to say my dogs are comfortable with him.

Additionally, Oliver and his colleagues have been both very responsible and reliable in visiting my property for doggy daycare. I highly recommend the services of Unleashed Doggie Daycare to anyone needing dog care.





To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Oliver of Unleashed Doggie Daycare. Our story is like others I'm sure, we adopted our Yellow Lab Gideon from the shelter at one year old. He was just beautiful; we couldn't imagine anyone giving up such a lovely dog...until we got him home! ! ! ! Obedience school followed and things improved a bit but poor Gideon was alone and bored most of the day and "walks" about the neighborhood were not enough to burn off all the energy he had stored up all day. He was destructive to furniture and anything else he could get a hold of. Our commitment was strained at best and almost at breaking point when by chance we met another dog lover who told us about Oliver and his service.

We called immediately and met with Oliver and signed Gideon up for "walks" two times a week. He gets exercise and swims and runs and socializes with other dogs and when he comes home he is tired! ! And we all know a tired dog is a good dog. The change in this animal is remarkable, he is calmer, he is happier, and we are much happier. His destructive tendencies have stopped and he is a joy to have around. He can still be a handful, he is 125lbs of exuberance, but the difference is that he is happy now and we owe that to Oliver. I feel lucky to have discovered this wonderful service, I'm not sure Gideon would still be with us if we hadn't

For us Unleashed Doggie Daycare is a Godsend, we can’t praise Oliver's professionalism, caring attitude and dependability enough.


Barbara & Alan


Iggy & Scusi

Dear Oliver and the rest of the wonderful staff at Unleashed,

This letter is too long in coming, but I wanted to let you know how much Dick and I and our dogs, Iggy and Scusi, have appreciated the wonderful service you have been providing. I would happily recommend your business to any other dog owner that doesn't have the luxury of being home to spend time with their dogs during the day. Iggy looks forward to being picked up and goes right to your van instead of charging around the neighborhood the way he does when I try to get him in my car.

Scusi being more newly adopted is a bit more hesitant, but they both always come home happy and exhausted. It's such a nice feeling when I have to work my 12-hour shifts to know that they will be well cared for while I'm away.

I have very inconsistent work hours and Dick's school hours change frequently as well. Your willingness to make last minute schedule changes has been more than we could have expected. It has been well worth the money for us to have such peace of mind. Please feel free to have any prospective customers contact us for a reference whenever you need to. Again, thank you so much for the great job you do! It means so much to us.


Beth and Dick


Bogey & Mulligan

To Whom It May Concern:

We have an eight-month-old Golden Retriever and life is so much easier since we were told about the services of Oliver and Unleashed Doggie Daycare. My husband and I both work and had been using a dog walker and having great success, however there were days when we needed more because of our schedules.

Oliver and his services at Unleashed Doggie Daycare were highly recommended by our dog walker so we set up an appointment to meet. Immediately our puppy Bogey bonded with Oliver and we could tell he was very good with animals. Originally we were only going to have him come once a week, however we loved the results. Bogey comes home nice and tired and you know what they say about a tired puppy...that's a good puppy. We felt good knowing that twice a week he was getting PLENTY of exercise, social interaction with so many other dogs, and the attention of Oliver and his coworkers.

Our dog Bogey interacts very well with other dogs now and every Monday and Wednesday he is very excited knowing he is going to school that day to see Oliver.

If this is a service you are looking into, we highly recommend Unleashed Doggie Daycare. If you can't be home with your dog then the next best thing is with Oliver and his coworkers. You can leave knowing that your dog is in good hands and in the company of several other dogs to play with all day.


Robert & Jennifer



To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write this reference for Oliver regarding his pet sitting and daycare service, Unleashed Doggie Daycare.

We have entrusted Oliver with the care of our Labrador / Border collie mix puppy five days a week. We recently moved to the area nine months ago. Our dog Lucy was a very young puppy at the time and it was necessary for someone to take care of her daily, while we were at work.

Oliver has been great! He is very dependable, always shows up even in inclement weather. He runs his business rain or shine.

On occasion we have used the pet sitting service. The van pulls into the driveway, Lucy is so excited she doesn't even notice we are leaving. As soon as Oliver is in sight she runs and jumps into his van. He has a

special relationship with the dogs, and from the moment I met him he was very clear that he treats them like dogs.

There are many benefits beyond the dependability of Oliver's service. Lucy is socialized with other dogs, better behaved, and less anxious. Also, she is a high-energy breed and because she requires so much exercise it has been very nice to come home to a relaxed dog.

We are very grateful to have Oliver. I recommend his service to anyone who supports and encourages a happy healthy dog.


Amy & Chris


Porter & Bailey

I am writing to recommend Unleashed Doggie Daycare. I have two active black labs that are an integral part of our family. Prior to finding Unleashed I would often feel guilty about leaving my dogs for a long day. I was also unhappy with prior boarding experiences. Unleashed is wonderful because the dogs are able to run and play. I feel that they are given great supervision and care. They come home happy and tired. I also appreciate the unique service of the van pick up for the dogs. I know the dogs like to go because they jump right in the van with their tails wagging. I am thankful to have found Unleashed and would highly recommend it.




Bailey & Bosco

To Whom It May Concern:

Are you looking for a doggie day care?

Are you looking for an above average doggie day care?

Look no further!

We highly recommend Oliver & Unleashed Doggie Day Care.

We have used Oliver for several years & couldn't be happier & more importantly, neither could our dogs.

Our dogs are waiting by the door for their "pick up" & if they are one minute late they hear about it form our black lab.

We have used Oliver for pet sitting as well. He treats the dogs as if they were his own. When they come home they are tired from playing with their friends. -A tired dog is a happy & healthy dog.


Pat & Bob


Sam & Logan

We are pleased to offer the following recommendation for Oliver and Unleashed Doggie Daycare. We have been utilizing Oliver's services for approximately l 1/2 years and have been very pleased with the results. Our 2 dogs, Sam and Logan, are important family members and spend time with Oliver and their canine friends every day. I have ridden along to see for myself exactly how the "boys" spend their time. They were quite excited and thoroughly enjoyed their day. I have on occasion run into Oliver when I am out walking my dogs in the evening and it is often difficult to persuade them to leave with me instead of him. I will not allow my dogs to be cared for by just anyone and I am pleased to say our arrangement has worked out beautifully. I am also pleased by the professionalism with which he runs his operation and am confident that all "playmates" are vaccinated and socialized. I am also secure in the knowledge that Oliver has developed a relationship with the area veterinarians and will not hesitate to use their services. It is also reassuring to know that Oliver has refused clients whose dogs would be inappropriate in a group situation. Overall, our dogs have been very pleased and very happy to have him around.


Karen & Tom



To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written with regard to our relationship with Oliver and his care of our dog Mickey.

It has been said that you cannot fool a dog - well I'm writing to say mat tl1is is true. Oliver has demonstrated a level of professionalism, care, compassion and concern for our dog that is of the utmost level of integrity -not the least of which is our trust in him.

My husband Henry and I offer our recommendation for Oliver's ambition to expand his company. We also offer our friendship and support for his continued success.


Gina and Henry


Torrie & Tucker

To Whom It May Concern:

We have engaged Unleashed Pet Sitting as our pet sitter since the Fall of 2000 and we are very pleased with the reliable, flexible and accommodating service that Oliver and his staff have provided for us.

As the owners of two Jack Russell terriers -Tucker (age 14) and his daughter Torrie (age 10) -Oliver has been very patient with us and our dogs as our situation since 2000 has been challenging and difficult.

In late 1999, Tucker suffered a fractured skull and during his recovery Torrie assumed the "alpha dog" role. As Tucker recovered, Torrie was most reluctant to cede her new role and therefore a showdown developed between the two dogs to determine superiority. We hired Oliver to examine this situation and to recommend a solution. As part of this process, Oliver attempted to place Torrie with another family, but he was unsuccessful. Accordingly, Oliver agreed to become the primary caregiver for Torrie in May 2001.

In early 2002, Oliver noticed that Torrie was behaving abnormally and because of his keen observation we took her to an ophthalmologist, where the doctor detected she had a carcinoma behind one of her eyes. Despite the loss of an eye, Torrie is a very healthy and vibrant dog today and it is only because of Oliver's care of her that she is with us.

We can vouch firsthand for Oliver's excellent skills. He is remarkably talented in communicating with the pets he cares for. We have witnessed first-hand his skill, keeping dogs under control, even while "unleashed".

Oliver also possesses a very agreeable demeanor and a most positive outlook. He is willing to assist in any situation. He is professional, thorough and extremely conscientious. We trust him implicitly.

We recommend Unleashed with complete confidence.


Rebecca & Derek


Cooper & Casey

It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Oliver, owner and operator of Unleashed Doggie Daycare. He is without question, an honest, knowledgeable and hardworking professional. Most importantly, he has an obvious deep love of animals, which is apparent in everything he does.

I was fortunate to meet Oliver in November 2000, just two weeks after adopting an eight- week-old pup He took (Cooper) on as a client immediately and looked after him as if he were his own. It gave me great piece of mind to know that my new pup was in good hands when I couldn't be there.

Oliver is extremely hardworking, conscientious, diligent and thorough. He has never missed a pick up and in fact, on occasion, has kept my pup for more than one outing at a time. He is extremely flexible. If I need to switch one day for another or even a time of pickup, he has always been accommodating.

Unleashed Doggie Daycare is gaining a great reputation for their quality of care. I would highly recommend Oliver for anything that would help him in this endeavor.




To Whom It May Concern:

In February 200 I. we welcomed into our home a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. We named our dog "Cody". Cody has brought tremendous joy and love to our family. Our family consists of my wife, Deana, my son, Richard and I. We also own two Maine coon cats. We considered and contemplated owning a dog for some time prior to Cody's arrival. We researched various dog breeds and refined our selection. We considered all aspects of owning a dog such as cost, care, attention, socialization and environment

We found there are times we cannot give Cody all the attention he deserves. Deana and I both work and our son attends middle school. We tried a few doggie daycare centers with poor results, so we were looking for someone to care for Cody. Through other dog owners, Oliver was recommended as an excellent choice for dog daycare. We contacted Oliver and set up a meeting with him. Upon greeting Oliver at our house, it was evident that he not only would treat Cody as his own dog, but he could handle the responsibility of dog care. Oliver arrived with a brochure displaying the dogs he cares for as well as a list of references. Oliver explained the service's he provides and fees associated with each service. He went on to explain that he evaluates each dog prior to accepting that dog as a client. If a dog does not obey him or interact well with the other dogs he watches, then he will not work with that dog. We contacted a number of dog owners that use Oliver's services. Not one of those contacts raised any complaints as to Oliver or his care of their dog. We hired him to care for Cody.

That was almost five months ago. Since then, Oliver cares for Cody three times a week. Oliver has provided pet sitting for Cody while we were on vacation. It is evident that Cody really enjoys the time he spends with Oliver. Oliver takes Cody for runs in a variety of locations. When Cody returns, he is always tired and happy. The bottom line is that Oliver talks the talk and walks the walk. He is prompt, curious, helpful and caring. He is a small business owner with a desire to service his clients with the utmost respect and service. We are very happy and fortunate to have met Oliver and would highly recommend him to any dog owner who needs his services.


Peter & Deana



To Dog owners, and Dog lovers alike,

We have passed on Oliver's name and his multi levels of pet caring to many of our friends and family. We have been using Oliver as a pet babysitter for our dog Oatmeal for four years now.

This was exactly the kind of caring we were searching for our dog. Service has been reliable, flexible, and confidence inspiring. We have never had a moments worry that our pet would not be well looked after, and as an added bonus he would be receive the companionship of someone who truly enjoyed his company.

We would strongly recommend the services of Unleashed Doggie Daycare to anyone looking for anyone searching for the right pet care for there dog, be it daily exercise and socialization or pet sitting. This combination of highly personalized pet care coupled with a high standard of professionalism and then topped off with a love for animals just can't be beat.

Jennifer & John, Sam, Helen, Molly and of course Oatie



Dear Oliver,

Steve and I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy we are with your services. Bosun, who is now ten, continues to have the spirit and energy of a puppy mostly because of the time he spends at Unleashed.   It is so incredibly beneficial for him to have the chance to be with other dogs, run play, swim, chase balls etc. We have a baby at home and between the winter cold and summer heat, I simply could not get Bosun out for his regular walks. Fortunately, you fulfilled this need…way beyond all of our expectations.

In addition to Bosun's daily adventures, you have been a terrific resource and support. When Bo went lame recently, you were at the house in no time, offering suggestions for pain, for animal hospitals open after my local vet had gone for the day. It gave me great comfort to be able to call you and your knowledge proved extremely valuable.

A big thank you from all of us (especially Bo) for all that you do and for loving our dog so much. It's pretty funny to see him anxiously awaiting the arrival of the van, and all his buddies. You truly are the highlight of his day.





To whom it may concern:

Our dog, Shadow -an 18-month-old chocolate lab, has been cared for by the wonderful team at Unleashed Doggie Daycare for the past nine months or so. We are very pleased and impressed with the level of care and attention he receives at Unleashed.

Shadow seems to look forward to and anticipate his time at Unleashed, excitedly jumping in the car for the ride to Unleashed. When we pick him up at the day's end, he seems to have had an enjoyable and tiring experience. In fact, he usually is so tired from running around all day at Unleashed that he lays down for the remainder of the day.

We especially appreciate the attention given to Shadow's health and well-being. The team at Unleashed always makes us aware of the slightest concern about a scratch or cut or about his digestive situation.

In short, we value the time our dog has at Unleashed; it is excellent for him and stress- relieving for us. They are reliable, yet flexible in accommodating our sometimes shifting needs. I wholeheartedly recommend them.





We would like to tell you how much we appreciate your watching our Greyhound, Mollie for us. We can't believe that it's been over 2 years since you first started caring for her. Even though we love her, it's great that we can get away for a weekend or a week knowing that our "favorite daughter" is well cared for and having fun.

We all know how Mollie feels about you by the size of her smile when you pick her up. Even WE don't get that kind of greeting! It must be your accent. Mollie has even started watching "Masterpiece Theater" and old Monty python reruns on TV. We suspect that bangers and mash can't be far behind.

We especially like the fact that she can run free while she is with you. Even when you were taking the dogs to the canal, we knew that she would be safe (although quite a bit muddier!). When she comes home from a visit with you she is tuckered out from being so active.

You have always given her special treatment whether it be trying to get her to eat more, or tending to her cut.

Thank you for allowing us the best of both worlds -owning a dog and the freedom to go places without her.

We know how particular some people are about entrusting they dogs to a stranger. If you ever need a personal recommendation, please feel free to use us as a reference.

Ken & Peg


Jake, Boucle & Jesse


It is my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Oliver and his business Unleashed Doggie Daycare. We have entrusted two beloved dogs to Oliver's care, and having just acquired a new puppy the number will soon rise to three. Oliver has cared for our dogs while they stayed in our home. Our dogs' reaction to Oliver speaks volumes for his talents -happy to see him when he comes, ready to stay with him when his job is over! No longer do we return to dogs whose constitutions belie a strange routine or handler. It gives us great comfort to know that our trips away -whether for a weekend or a week -are not traumatic for our dogs.

Administratively, Oliver appears to run a very organized business. He is immediately accessible through a variety of channels, including e-mail, and has been responsive to our needs on very short notice. He is careful to confirm instructions with great specificity. He has been able to customize and execute arrangements on a case-by-case basis to suit our needs rather than insisting upon a rigid procedure, all without a hitch.

Oliver offers a level of dog care that is unique and superior among our many experiences with kennels and dog walkers. We wish him great success.





Oliver has been my standard poodle's dog sitter for nearly a year now.  I can't praise him enough.

I greatly admire and respect the professional and caring way he runs his business, and his commitment to both the animal and it's owner.

I travel for a living, so my dog sitter is very important-Oliver is a real treasure.

He offers the very best service in every wayand I just can't imagine life without him.





Dear Oliver,

Thank you so much for taking care of our "Nala" while we are away.  We now go away in confidence that she is in great hands and loving care!  I know you are kissing her just like me!  Nala comes home happy and tired!

Thanks again,


P.S. She loves Kate too!

Still need convincing? There are even more testimonials here.