More Testimonials


The idea of sending our dog to daycare initially seemed very silly and unfrugal. However, we were in a position where we had adopted an older puppy we wanted very much, but who required a lot of exercise and attention. He had been left alone all day by previous owners, and it showed. When we first got Lucky, he was 7 months old and completely untrained and out of control. He jumped on and bit everyone, put holes in people's shirts, ate furniture, and frightened children - included our own younger son who barricaded himself behind a baby gate in our front parlor, and refused to come out unless Lucky was crated or outside. We took Lucky to training, and gave him a lot of time and attention. Even though he has calmed down a lot and is now quite mellow by comparison, his breed wants to work, exercise, and be around people ALL the time. Charlie works away from home, but I am often home on the computer or at my desk, since I both teach and attend school.  But while I was trying to read or write, Lucky constantly pulled on my shirt sleeve, bit my pant leg, and barked incessantly (VERY LOUD). I loved him, but he was driving me crazy. Out of desperation, I called Unleashed.

Our situation with Lucky has since changed dramatically, and I credit a lot of it to daycare at Unleashed.  Lucky is now 2 1/2 years old.  When I say "You're going to Unleashed today" he rushes over to finish his breakfast, jumps into the car, and starts to carry on when he hears us call on the cell phone to announce our arrival. Although he is a very social dog who loves to play with others, since going to Unleashed, he has become "socialized" in terms of improved behavior with other dogs, and people as well. He is calmer and much better behaved. After daycare, he is very tired and hungry. We have been able to dispense with the crate entirely, day and night. I never thought this would happen. He still barks too much when in his own yard, but nowhere near the extent he used to.

Our experience of the Unleashed staff is very positive. They are friendly, courteous, helpful, and accommodating. We have had Unleashed provide pet sittng service about three times, and he still wanted to go back to daycare afterwards- a sure sign that he likes it there!  This past April,  we wanted to visit our older son in college on the spur of the moment, and were very glad that Eva, Oliver, and Khouri could take Lucky on relatively short notice.  This past July, we are planning to attend an 80th birthday party in New York City and thought we'd take the train instead of driving. To make the connection at South Station, we had to catch a very early morning Beverly train. We usually drop Lucky off, but it would be after the train left, so we were in a bind. Eva offered to pick him up at the house, which was a huge relief and worked out very well.    

Our friends and relatives still poke fun at us for using daycare for a dog, but they also can't believe how well-mannered Lucky has become. Our car mechanic said "you obviously have too much money to burn!" We certainly do not, but the cost of sending him has been worth the peace and quiet at home, and the socialization and exercise Lucky gets two days a week.

Eve and Charlie


Fritz & Freddy

I have known the Oliver, Eva, and Khouri at Unleashed Doggie Daycare since August 2002, when my husband and I were interviewed as part of the admissions process for pet sitting. We had been referred to them by our veterinarian who had carefully screened all his referral sites. As professionals, we anticipated long working hours in the fall semester and knew that our six month-old miniature dachshunds, Fritz and Friedrich, were ready for the physical and social benefits of regular day care.

Ever since that initial meeting, I have been impressed with the quality of the care our pups have received. Oliver, Eva, and Khouri consistently exhibit a very knowledgeable and professional approach to all aspects of  their work. They are well informed and proactive in providing day care that is safe, friendly, and caring. They have been consistently alert to our dogs' health and social development. They are very well organized and consistent in communicating and conducting business. They are friendly and helpful in accommodating our schedules. When they provide transportation, they have used the utmost discretion and care in entering our home and following our routines.

Fritz and Freddy love to go to Unleashed. As we drive into the yard for early morning drop-off, they bark with excitement and love the special, individualized attention they receive as they are escorted to the gate. At the end of the day, they are happy to see us and tumble easily into their "car seats" for the ride home. The routine of day care has shaped their experiences and helped them learn many important skills. They are confident and adjust well to change. They are content and satisfied; they get along together and with other dogs and people.

It is with special pleasure and without reservation that I recommend Unleashed Doggie Daycare because I believe they provide a very valuable service in helping people be responsible for and accountable to man's [and woman's] best friend.

Most sincerely,

Ruth & David



When I took in my mastiff mix, Jada, I was really in no position to do so.  I had watched her for a weekend while a friend was going out of town; she was 3 months old and the typical lovey dovey pup.  When my friend called to check on her he mentioned that he could no longer give her the care that she deserved and he would have to bring her to the pound.  Well that was not going to happen.  I fell so much in love with this puppy that I was just about in tears when he said this.  So naturally she stayed with me, but boy was I in for it.  I had forgotten what it was like to have a new puppy in the house…needless to say she destroyed it!  After about 8 months of trying to train her, in between my busy work schedule, I decided that this is not fair to poor Jada Marie; yes she has a middle name.  She is still a puppy and a big one at that, but she needs to be getting more exercise to become too tired to eat my couch and she also needed to socialize with other dogs.  This was something that I just did not have the time for, unfortunately. After venting at work about how awful I was feeling, a co-worker mentioned Doggie Daycare….. Unleashed.  Okay, I was very skeptical at first; I mean who sends their dog to daycare?  Well I was sold.  At my first meeting with Oliver and Eva at the facility I was in awe.  The way they spoke to Jada and immediately obtained her attention was something that I could not do at this point.  Oliver thoroughly explained to me that I need to be the one in power and if this is not established at a young age then Jada will dominate me.  This could not happen considering I am just under 5’ tall and she is about 100 pounds!  I immediately began sending Jada 3 times a week for full days.  Let me tell ya how tired she was... she would not get up on her off days.  All she was doing was sleeping and eating when she was home.  This was great for her and me.  More importantly, Jada was listening to me.  I was no longer talking to a wall but to a beautiful, mature dog.  She would actually run to me when I called her, this was such a great feeling.  I know that I had not been working with her as much as I should have, but I know that Oliver, Eva and staff were diligently working with her.

I feel very strongly that Jada’s growth and improvements are due to Unleashed Doggie Daycare.  It is clear to me that the staff truly worked with her and continues to work with her on a daily basis.  Jada is no longer eating my couch or ignoring me, she is a really wonderful companion.  I look forward to picking her up and hearing about another day at daycare.  I would without a doubt recommend Oliver and Unleashed Doggie Daycare.  They are absolutely the best!



It is with much, much sadness that I send this letter; Jada's last day of daycare will be on August 31, 2005.  I have accepted a new job that is located in Wakefield.  It does not make sense for me to drive her to Beverly when I live 5 minutes from my new location.

This is breaking my heart.  I feel that sending Jada to daycare has turned her into the beautiful girl that she is today.  I think that I will be more devastated than her.  I want to thank all of you for EVERYTHING.  Like I said this is very hard for me.  I know that she absolutely loves daycare.  I hope that if she needs pet sitting, when I travel, that she will be welcomed.  Thank you again and all the best.


Gia and Jada Marie



What can I tell you about Oliver and, "Unleashed?" I like to think of him as "the dog whisperer!!" Oliver has a special, unique ability to deal with dogs, and it is reflected in how he manages his business daily.  He is dedicated, loyal, and goes out of his way to accommodate his customers and their animals. Their daycare facility is clean, safe, and a fun environment for the dogs. When my dog Lola is picked up by Oliver---she is at his side in an instant--thrilled to be leaving with him and doesn't want to return home!. Oliver is truly special, and the dogs all know it!!! As I said, "the dog whisperer!!"


Jill & Bob



To Whom It May Concern,

My dog Kota has been going to Unleashed since Oliver opened his business -5 years ago. We were part of the old days when he used to run all the dogs off-leash; I still don't know how he and Khouri ever managed that.

When Kota was very young we brought him to a few different doggie daycares of which none where at the caliber of, Unleashed". Kota was our first child and we wanted the best for him. It used to make me so sad that it seemed like Kota never wanted to leave Oliver after his day with him, but I realized that we were so fortunate that our dog was extremely happy and, "Unleashed" was like a second home to him.

There are so many wonderful things I could say about Oliver, Eva, Khouri and "Unleashed" but I think the three most important things to say are: 1) they truly love doing what they do and love animals, 2) customer service is amazing and if every business functioned like this one the world would be a better place, and 3) I don't know what I would do without "Unleashed", they are an amazing unit of people who love my animal as much as I do, what else can I say.

I want to thank, "Unleashed", for all their love and nurturing of Kota and I hope that we will enjoy many more years of your service.

Thank you again for everything.

Donna, Philip, Kellen, Alexander, Shea and Kota



Unleashed provides us with peace of mind. Knowing that our dog is being cared for by a highly knowledgeable and caring staff is important. Our dog loves going to see his "friends." He has learned the word and is so excited he cries all the way to Unleashed each morning!

At Unleashed, our dog receives plenty of exercise in spacious, secure areas. By the end of the day he is completely exhausted, which reaffiffi1s that "a tired dog is a good dog." The ride home is always very quiet.

I've found Unleashed to be flexible with my ever-changing work schedule. Unleashed has saved us from countless scheduling conflicts. It brings us peace of mind to know that the staff is so flexible and reliable.

Finally, we like the professional manner in which the staff presents itself, and the way the staff constantly reinforces good manners with our dog. We love Unleashed!

Maryann and Bill



My year old Havanese Domenic and I recently moved from Gloucester to Salem leaving behind neighbors and their dogs who provided daily stimulation for Domenic. I was worried that the move from familiar surroundings and people would traumatize Domenic so I began a search for doggy day-care. Unleashed is the first and ultimately the only facility I investigated having been unconditionally recommended by many.

Upon our introduction to Oliver, Eva, and Unleashed I could tell immediately that Domenic was welcome and enthusiastic about the possibility of being in this environment. On his first day I delivered him without hesitation but did spend my day at work hoping he was enjoying himself When I picked-up Domenic that afternoon I was amazed at how tired he was and quite convinced that he certainly had enjoyed himself.

Since that time it has become quite obvious to me that this was the best choice I could have made. The minute I mention Doggy Day-Care to Domenic in the morning he heads for the door and waits for me to get him to the car. By the time we approach Henry's market he is beside himself with excitement and by the time we get to the white church area he is well aware that it won't be long. The minute he sees Eva he tries to leap out of the car and it is amazing to see him so eager to get behind the fence and play. A few times he has fallen asleep in the car on the way home with a very contented look on his face. He sleeps undisturbed at night and it is a pleasure to see him so happy and content.

I believe that it is difficult today to find services that provide complete customer satisfaction. Unleashed is the exception to that feeling and certainly provides the ultimate in service and consideration. Domenic is provided with the best outlet for his energy in a clean, caring, safe environment surrounded by people who genuinely care for him. In the afternoon when I come to bring Domenic home, Liz always greets me with a story of Domenic's day -it is nice to know that he is being watched so lovingly.

I enthusiastically recommend the owners, staff and services of Unleashed - and so does Domenic!!!





Dear Oliver, Eva and Khouri

This is a long overdue note of thanks to tell you how happy we are with your doggie daycare service.

We looked at a few different places when we were trying to find suitable daycare for Telly.  He is the first dog either of us has ever owned, so Cliff and I were admittedly a bit anxious about leaving our new puppy in someone else’s care.  We’d been to two daycare places and so far I was not impressed. The minute we visited your site and met with Oliver, we knew that we had found just the place for our black lab.  We love knowing Telly spends the day in such a safe and fun environment – and most importantly, outside.  He loves being outdoors!  We feel confident he is getting great exercise while we’re at work, and confident that he’s with people who care for our dog as if he were their own.

Over the past 4 months, we have come to value the dependable service you provide in a way that we’d never imagined.  When I broke my leg this past March – my days of keeping Telly home 3 days a week and heading home at lunch to walk him ended abruptly.  Cliff was doing double-duty as sole breadwinner and chief cook & bottle washer.  He had no time to play with Telly either.  We needed help.  Thank goodness for Unleashed!  Telly has been spending 4-5 days a week in daycare and is EXHAUSTED when he gets home – it’s wonderful! J

On another note – I must say I love the convenience of ordering Telly’s dog food and other items from your store and picking them up when I pick up Telly.  It’s a great timesaver.

Thanks, again, for taking such good care of Telly!


Catherine & Cliff



I am writing to recommend Unleashed Doggie Daycare to anyone that is looking for a loving, fun and safe environment for their family pet. I found Unleashed through a friend that uses their services while she is at work. I use the services to socialize our dog, give him great exercise and know that he is having fun while we are out of the house all day or busy with kids sports and are unable to be with our dog enough.

Our dog loves to go to daycare. He starts whining as soon as we turn the comer for drop off. When we pick him up. ...he is so tired he collapses for the evening after he eats dinner. For me, the flexibility of the service beats them all. They accommodate changing schedules and are willing to pet sit our dog for weekends and vacations when needed. They are consistent with discipline and it shows in our dog.

Our dog is like having another child. We love that he too has a fun place to let off some steam and play.

Melissa & Jeffrey